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The Way AC Cooling Fans Function

Computer and electronics AC fans function in the same capacity as any regular household fan. The main purpose of these fans is to ensure that acceptable temperatures are maintained in an electronic device. The blades spin at different rates proportionately to the required amount of cooling. Together the device and fan work to maintain optimal temperatures, by maximizing performance and longevity and protecting against harmful overheating.

AC fans use aerodynamically constructed blades to help create a vortex of air, pushing cooler air into the device. The spinning blades force the air to move in a specific direction. This directional movement of air is dictated by the orientation of the blades. As the blades spin they both suck air from the surrounding outside area and propel the new air through the AC fan and away on the other side. The side of the fan that sucks new air in is generally located facing outwards, in order to supply the computer with fresh cooling air. It is also common to see multiple AC fans facing in opposite directions in order to create a current of fresh air.

In order to maintain a constant temperature, the computer and the fan work together in the same way that a thermostat interacts with an air conditioning unit. As the computer works harder or is placed in a warmer environment, it tells the AC fan to supply the machine with an increased air flow. The fan will then spin faster in order to meet the computer’s request for lower temperatures, thus cooling the machine. From there, the mechanism will either enter an idling phase in order to maintain the temperature or it will completely shut off if, its services are no longer needed by the computer.

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