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Different AC Cooling Fans for computers

Computer fans come in wide assortment of styles and specifications. What makes an AC fan unique is the fact that it runs on alternating current, hence the abbreviation “AC”. The alternative to an AC fan is a DC fan which runs on direct current. These supply no difference in performance or ability, but they do need to be checked for compatibility with the other pieces of your electronics project. Specifically, AC fans will need an AC compatible power supply in order to be able to function properly. Be sure to check your power supply to avoid complications.

Cooling devices range in size from fans as large as 150 millimeters and larger, all the way down to mechanisms as small as a 60 millimeter (approx. two inch) square box. The larger the fan, the more air the fan can supply to your machine, keeping it cool and performing strong.

Additionally, the devices are rated on their power and speed. Different fans will be capable of rotating at different maximum revolutions per minute, funneling different amounts of cooling air into your machine. The more powerful mechanisms tend to be more expensive and may not even be needed for your specific project. Be sure to check that you are purchasing the correct size and power AC fan.

Lastly, depending on where you are trying to mount your new cooling system, it is important to consider shape mount and casing you will need for your AC fan and its housing. Many fans come in different shapes and sizes and knowing how you plan to attach your AC fan will affect how well it can regulate temperatures in your device. If the fan does not fit, you make have to purchase gaskets or fabricate fasteners for the cooling fan to attach to.

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