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How To Choose The Most Appropriate DC Cooling Fan
DC cooling fans are responsible for controlling temperatures within a computer system. The CPU of a computer can function under extremely high temperatures, which eventually causes damage to the unit without proper cooling. The purpose of a cooling fan is to reduce the amount of heat generated from the computer’s components. Not every unit will require the same type of fan primarily because some units are larger than others.

Thermal Testing

To determine how much air a computer needs will require a thermal test or analysis. Individual heat sources are first identified on the unit. Its temperature and how quickly heat dissipates will determine the amount of airflow it will take to cool the unit. The computer or processor’s packaging engineers usually perform this type of testing. To get an overall idea of the cooling requirements the temperature for each part is calculated individually.

To get the most accurate answers test are done to determine worse case heat dissipation and heat dissipation under typical circumstances. The results also help determine where cooling paths should be located. This is vital to the cooling process because it allows airflow to reach each component to avoid overheating. Other tests include air impedance, which calculates pressure drops. The final and most important step in determining a unit’s cooling needs is the operating point.
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