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Something about the DC axial fans to the rescue

There are many manufacturers and distributor of quality, cost effective fans and fan accessories for both electronic low cooling applications and industrial applications from low power AC Fans, DC Fans, AC/DC Fans, Fan Trays, to high output radial HVAC Fans and Blowers, Cross Flow Fans, AC Motors, Auto Fans & Blowers, PTC Heaters, Power Cords, and Fan Guards.
To the nonprofessionals DC axial fans are probably best known for their use in computer and general electronic applications. For these purposes, proper engineering design requires fans promising high performance in an ultra quiet, small, miniature configuration for computer cooling fans. High, medium, and low speed DC brushless fans often fulfill this need.
Specifications, CAD Drawings, and Reliability Test Results (MTTF) are generally available from manufacturers.

Typical DC Axial Fans might quote the following specifications:
• Size 120x120x38mm (4.72″x4.72″x1.50″)
• Weight: 350g (12.34 oz)
• Termoplastic PBT Housings and Impellers
• Bearings: Either Sleeve or Ball
• Operating Temperatures: Sleeve Bearing: – 10°C to + 70°C or Ball Bearing: – 30°C to + 75°C.
• Voltages: 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V
• Airflow Range: 14 CFM to 168 CFM

Most fan manufacturing companies and suppliers are engineering based companies that are able to design fan systems based upon customers’ individual cooling specifications following recognized standards including RoHS, UL, TUV, CE and ESTI. Whether designing network servers, telecommunications equipment, electronic cabinetry, computers, or peripherals equipment can be customized to fit specific needs by the addition of optional features. For example:
• Custom Airflow & Noise Settings
• Customized Alarm Outputs
• Speed Control via Voltage or PWM Inputs
• Environmental Protection
• Water & Dust Protection

Because of the continued demand for smaller and faster computer systems, design engineers must create systems with compact, yet more powerful processors and chips. These increasingly more compact systems can often generate enough heat to defy the ability to dissipate it and protect not only the heat generating components but also the myriad of heat sensitive components packed closely next to them. Consequently, engineers have consistently turned to the use of DC axial fans to answer this threat.

Many design choices must be made in choosing the correct fan construction and configuration for a given application. Naturally this includes overall size both physically and in terms of cooling output (CFM), noise (mobs), electrical interference (brushless motor design), and more. In addition, many engineers debate the choice of the proper bearings (ball or sleeve) used in a DC axial fans design. Of the two main types of bearings used in axial fans, there are clear factors that affect that choice. How long must the fan function and at what temperature range, fan mounting orientation, lubrication issues, line or point contact, noise over its lifetime, and more are issues that the engineer must consider when making a choice between the use of a ball bearing versus a sleeve bearing fan.

For example from 25-60°C, ball bearing fans on average outlast sleeve bearing fans by 50 percent and with temperatures in excess of 70°C, ball bearing fans can run for 45K hours but under the same conditions sleeve bearing fans fail. At low ambient temperatures, sleeve bearing and ball bearing fan lifetimes are comparable.
For vertical mounting, a sleeve bearing fan is a common choice. However, any mount in an orientation other than vertical, a ball bearing fan is an engineer’s more likely choice. Ball bearing fans use thicker lubricants that contain more life extending additives and the bearing and lubricants are sealed-for-life essentially eliminating evaporation.

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