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Check the specs on your Cooling fan
Check the specs on your fan. The majority of returns on computer parts, from hard drives to CPU cooling fans, are simply the wrong size. When you return a part and have it replaced, the shipping is all on your dime, so make sure that you’re checking your specs before wasting your time.

When you have the specs, just get online and buy a replacement, simple as that. You plug it in and you’re good to go.

“My Computer Didn’t Come With a Fan!”

For other computers, you might not need to replace a fan, you might just need to buy one in the first place. Laptops, for instance, don’t usually have room for a cooling fan, which is why you’ll find those coolers that go underneath the laptop and blow cool air into it. A little cumbersome for taking your laptop around town, maybe, but for at home use, these coolers are a life saver, especially if you work on your computer and need it to be running for hours on end every day.

Clearly there are other issues to worry about, too. You do need to be aware of viruses, you do need to be aware of RAM and processing power if you want to use your computer for gaming or media, but cooling fans are one of the more important, and most neglected, factors that weigh into a computer’s performance, especially as your PC gets older.
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