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Cooling fans for greater CPU performance

So you’ve reformatted your hard drive, you’ve downloaded some anti-virus software and your computer checks out clean, you’ve shut down all the peripheral programs that you don’t really need to be running, you’ve added a ton of RAM, you’ve cleaned your computer out, so to speak, and it’s still running along at a snail’s crawl. You’re getting single digit frames per second for media and gaming, you freeze up whenever you open more than a couple windows at a time, and you have no idea what the heck is going on.

Oftentimes, slow computer performance has nothing to do with the software running on your PC or Mac, it has nothing to do with how much RAM you have or viruses or anything like that. Sometimes it’s a much more practical issue: over heating.

All computers are susceptible to overheating. Everything from the supercomputers used in the Pentagon to that solar powered pocket calculator you had in high school. This is why most desktop computers have cooling fans built in. In fact, even most video game consoles have a cooling fan built in in this day and age, it’s just that important.

The problem is that cooling fans, like every other part of your computer, don’t last forever. CPU cooling fans will eventually wear down. After all, it’s just an electric motor, and like any electric motor, it needs replacing every now and then.

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