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East Europe reporters visit Mitpfan Corp

East Europe reporters visit Mitpfan Corp

Sponsored by the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Association's 2011 AMPER exhibition, the end of March a grand exhibition on display in the Czech Republic BVV; the Czech Republic is located in the heart of Eastern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe is opening the first and most economically stable countries with the lowest inflation swell. Have a good quality of the labor force, coupled with the positive investment, to promote the Czech Republic joining the EU, the transformation of Central Europe for the tiger can not be ignored. More so that many European manufacturers to participate in this annual event.

The first motor show is also co-exhibitors Jubilee, Jubilee at the co-chairman Xu Rongjie motor under the leadership of the strategy to fully grasp the field of cooling technology needs of large-scale equipment for booth design and functionality of the product to be refined, to energy-efficient green energy fan, fan light high cloud texture and professional automotive fan fight, and sent to the local FAE technical resources and expertise in high-performance fan support two-pronged approach, asking to create a high degree of popularity and attract the technology needs of the scene of many manufacturers and cooperation discuss the case, known also rise with great acclaim! and come to an end in 2011/04/11!

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