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cooling cup fan Case Fan w/3-Pin Connector (Black)

This 2.75 x 2.75-inch Case Fan will do the job well! COOL off the case components to prevent overheating! Connect it to your PC using the included 3-pin power connector!

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•2.75 x 2.75-inch (70mm) Case Fan w/3-Pin Connector
•General Features:
•Black color
•2.75 x 2.75-inches (70 mm x 70 mm)
•3-pin power connector
•12-inch cable length

•Power Specifications:
•DC 12V, 0.19A

•Regulatory Approvals:

Package Includes:

•2.75 x 2.75-inch (70mm) Case Fan w/3-Pin Connector

Additional Information:

•P/N: SF-7015-3P
•Product Requirements:
•Available 3-pin power connector


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