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How to maintain computer cooling fan

High system temperature easy caused computer run unstable, serious still can cause crash or restart, even damaged hardware device, then good thermal heat indispensable if fan poorly appear immediately for processing.Dust cooling fan is generally poor growth or lack of lubrication caused. A cooling fan for hardware in the heat, it also brings inhaling dust side effects, of dirt not only stunts the heat sink, will also affect fan rotation, so the fan is in use after period of time to undertake cleanness.


1, clean before the heat sink and fan apart, use brush remove fan and heat sink the most dust (the fin may also directly wash with water). For fan and cooling unit on the oily stain with Bob sex, can dip in with cotton autograph wash detergent or alcohol is wiped clean.

2, from heat sink unloaded fan, open the underside oil seal, can see fan, if fan long axis where time in dust and not doing the cleaning work of words, fan bearings (mostly nylon bearing) of the oil will be solidified harden, black. Then should use the fan bearing grease take out, can use a swab or paper erase them, also can use wooden toothpick slowly eliminate, but not hard, to chapter bearing hot slice and fan __ prevert dismantled, then lest damage coil.

3, and then began to add the lubricating oil. Everybody can use sewing machine oil or car with engine oil, do not use household cooking oil, edible oil and other oil will be solidified or, for bad. Use a straw or tweezers and dip in lubricating oil dropped into a drop of oil in the axis is ok, not too much.

Tip: fan use about half a year should add a oil, and use time longer, refueling frequency is higher. Add a few times in order to prevent components on the change, aging case fans, power fan etc. Refueling dust removal and CPU fan operation basic same, not electronic base experience friend had better don't open the box power, lest components.

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