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The development of cooing fans in china of 2012
Recently, the projects of National Soft Science "a number of key industries technological innovation policy research and semiconductor lighting, wind power," the latest research report pointed out that the low-end products overcapacity, lack of competitive high-end products will allow domestic wind turbine blade manufacturing enterprises in 2012facing new challenges.

Blades are one of the important parts of the wind turbine equipment, from the point of view of the parts the Value of the magnitude of value of the leaves, about 25% of the total equipment cost; at the same time, the wind turbine blade industry is the uncertainty the higher the wind turbine components, the market larger capacity, a clear profit model composites industry. country wind turbine blade production enterprise technology from abroad, according to foreign standards organizations production, raw materials imported from abroad, independent research and development of innovative active enterprises in the leaves of the test development design and manufacture many of the key technology of the production process, mold equipment China have failed to grasp.

Recent research show, in some applications of carbon fiber is no longer controlled by others, but the overall level of technology is still relatively backward. Carbon fiber manufacturing technology such as Japan, the United States patent covers, Chinese enterprises lack the technical support of the core independent intellectual property rights, before the full the full carbon fiber core and key technologies.
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