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The number of the cooling fan's blades

The number of the cooling fan's blades

The number of cooling fan's blades: Just all kinds of cooling fans's blades, cross-section curve, inclination, etc. are similar. Each piece of leaf width often depends on the height of the blades. In order to ensure the blade pitch is not too large impact pressure, diameter to height is relatively small (ierelatively thin) fan to use more methods to increase the number of blades to make up, No matter the number of leaves are more or less, The number of axial flow fan blades are often 3,5,7,11 and the odd number, Because of the shape of the even-numbered piecesymmetrical blades adjust the balance, it is easy to make the system resonance, if the blade material is unable to resist vibration fatigue, will make the blade or spindle was broken, so many designed to be an odd number on the axis of asymmetrypiece blade design of this principle is generally used in all kinds, including the part of the helicopter propeller blades design.

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