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What's the Industrial Cooling Fans?

Industrial Cooling Fans come in many types and constructions as required by the application. In most cases, fan or blower performance along with the mounting and/or size limitations is the controlling factor. Some cooling fans are Axial Flow type with propellers. An example would be large, diesel, locomotive engines that require a large volume of air blowing over the engine to cool the engine and engine fluids. Another application might require a centrifugal blower with a wheel that will develop more pressure to blow into an AC or DC motor and cool the commutator when the motor is operating at slow speeds. A third type of blower is used to circulate the air in ovens to prevent hot/cold spots and then cool the oven before opening.

At Cincinnati Fan, we have manufactured cooling fans and blowers for so many applications we will only mention the most common. We have used almost every model of industrial fan and blower that we manufacture for some type of cooling application. Quite a few of our designs are used for numerous customers with very similar applications. Our Model LMF Volume Blowers were originally designed for General Electric’s DC Motor Division in Erie, Pennsylvania. They have an integral, housing discharge flange to mount the blower onto the DC motors and cool the commutator.

To properly select a cooling fan or blower requires that we know the minimum cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) and the static pressure water gauge (SPWG) required. That will decide what type of fan or blower will be needed to keep the heat generating device at the proper operating temperature. The next criteria will be the type of mounting, if any, required to mate the fan or blower to the equipment. The third criteria would be any size limitations for the cooling fan or blower.

Cincinnati Fan does not manufacture any consumer or residential type blowers. But, we do manufacture 14 models of centrifugal blowers and 18 models of axial fans that are designed and constructed as industrial type. We manufacture centrifugal blowers and fans in the ¼ to 125 horsepower range, with airflow capacities from 50 to 51,900 CFM and static pressures from 1/8” to 78” SPWG.

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