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Maintenance and storage for the Axial Fan?

How to Maintenance and storage the Axial fan,now we will give you some advice?

1.The use of the environment should always be kept clean and tidy, the axial flow fan must keep the surface clean, the inside and the outside should be no debris.Clear axial fans sometimes.

2.Must be sure the cooling fan are no problem before it work,Besure that the electricity supply facilites,Voltage stability,Please do not run when not enough phace,Supply lines must be dedicated lines,power supply should not be long-term temporary line.

3.The Axial blower fan abnormal sound during operation, serious motor heating, live shell, switch tripping, can not be started, We should immediately stop the check. To ensure safety, do not allow fan operation, we must check and wait about five minutes, confirm the anomalies and then start running.

4. Based on the use of environmental conditions supplement sometimes or replace the bearing grease (motor closed bearings do not have to replace the grease in the life of the period).

5.Axial fan should be stored in a dry environment to avoid the motor from moisture. Fan in open storage, there should be preventive measures in the process of storage and handling should prevent axial fan bump to avoid turbine damage


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