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Simple way to repair the Bearing for the computer cooling fan

Simple way to repair the Bearing for the computer cooling fan

The voice are Increasing for the computer cooling fan,we must find the way the repair it.and how to repair it,please do follow below:

1.Frist, Clean the dust from the fan,To prevent dust from entering the bearing during installation;

2. Put down the self-adhesive from the Bearing,and put down the tab from the shaft;

3.Clean the bearing with the clean paper or a soft colth,then clean the shaft;

4.Add a little butter to the bearing,not more,it's will impact speed if you add more;

5. Then cut the aluminum skin of the cans according to the bearing as large as cutting a wafer,and dug in the middle just can pass through the small hole of the shaft,put it between the bearing and the latch,Reduce the distance from the bearing axial movement and parallel movement,if the distance too large,it's need put a few thicker,to make sure the front and back bearing distance below 0.5mm;

6. Closure the oil seal,Add a little butter,and add the fans to the graphics at last;

At last,Plug in the power to try, you will find a small voice, and in so doing can be used for at least 2 years, but need to be reminded, even though the sound is small, but because of the limited manual precision, speed slightly decreased a little.

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