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The common technical indicators for cooling fan

The cooling fan have some common technical indicators,but now we see the common technical indicators for cooling fan;

1.The amount of wind
The amount of the wind is the volume of air discharged per min for the cooling fan,it's one of the most important indicators to measure the cooling capacity of the cooling fan. The larger amount for the cooling fan,the better of the cooling fan.

2. Air pressure
The Cooling fan air pressure and the amount is different concept. and it's relative.Air Pressure refers to the cooling fan can normal ventilation,and need to overcome the resistance in the fan air travel.

The larger amount of the wind the lower for the air pressure. the higher air pressure and the smaller for the amount of the wind.Large amount of wind can drive a lot of air flow;But the smaller air pressure,the wind can't blew the bottom of the cooling fan,and the bad effect; large air pressure and the smaller amount of wind,there is not enough cold air and the heat sink for heat exchange, cooling effect is not good.

3. The rotational speed
The cooling fan speed is mean that the fan blade revolutions per minute,the number of units of the rpm. this is relatively easy to understand

4.The fan noise
The cooling fan noise is very important indicators. General requirements for the fan noise to be as small as possible, but not a different tone.

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