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The new Type of cooling fan.

The new Type of cooling fan.we can devide into this types:

The fan is also called the cooling fan,supply to the radiator and chassis use. General market cooling fan size is determined by the diameter of 2.5cm to 30cm has a thickness from 6mm to 76mm have, depending on the operational requirements, rare AC (alternating current can be used to take power from a household outlet) and a common DC power (DC, by the computer to take power AC adapter or motherboard), mostly using the two-phase friction play (two copper coils, a total of four units), help to save the cost of production in the high speed is not the case. Cooling fan is probably common in the market can be divided into three broad categories:

First category - the original bonus: comes with the chassis cooling fan products, limited to the cost and design, appearance and style tend to be more traditional; most do not include LED lights to meet the needs of the general user, but for advanced playersand the server can not satisfy the cooling demand.

The second category - DIY retail categories: in recent years has been popular itself to the market to purchase parts assembled computers, and they also slightly senior point compared with the radiator comes with fan heat fan. Of course, there are the cooling fan of the retail brand, specifically for the true DIY users, such as homemade MOD chassis players to provide quality fan such as ENERMAX, bitter cold, such cooling fans mostly beautifully packaged, accessories (such as plastic nail, governor complete or adapter cable) while the unique design of the cooling fan blades the tremendous brand image. Production, bearing quality even additional features (such as PWM or TC temperature), the performance of different.

The third category - discount OEM class: many computer chassis manufacturers or reputable cooling fan manufacturers are not yet directly involved in retail home market, will only accept customers bulk orders or OEM production. The finished appearance is not what fancy durable known. Some models bearing fan box and fan blades strengthen long operation, won the trust of the high-end server vendors. Discount or OEM cooling fan general industrial carton packaging, non-independent packaging factory, there is no specific warranty commitments. The full size of the product, but also to meet the overclocking needs, and still find traces of their retail market. But pay attention to the product number for an OEM cooling fan is more complex, so it is best to know in advance the number before going to the market to find its own cooling fan.

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