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The construction of the cooling fans

The construction of the cooling fans

Often we buy cooling fans is difficult to see the inside of the structure. The cooling fan is from "the stator (including copper coil, silicon, etc.)" and "rotor (including blades, drive shaft, etc.)" two main parts of the component parts can be combined according to the bearing technology is divided into the "dismantling" and "not disassemble. "Its components, including blades, fan box, bearings, circuit boards, IC components, Led lights and wires and plugs.

The cooling fan is mainly of three parts, fan blades, fan box, bearings.

cooling fan construction

Blades is the most basic parts. The fan box: a common cooling fan fan box is a plastic manufacturing, mainly black; "light" and "matte" points. The manufacturers different composite materials, can be "transparent" and "translucent", "color" or "fluorescent" effect, professional and high-end server cooling fan fan box may require strengthening treatment, special purpose ultra-high speed fan, the more will be the use of metal.

Bearing: bearing cooling fan can be called as the most important components of a fan of the "soul" where the resistance is not durable, Ning is not quiet, leakage is not oil spill and the strength of the performance, bearing played a decisive role; cooling fanThe life expectancy is closely related. The volume of the bearing position by 32mm to 46mm range, too small to be difficult to enhance the fan power, so the General Assembly to increase the hair surface blast blind spot.

Finished three parts to the internal components of the fan relative to the computer's motherboard or display adapter, the requirements of the internal components of the cooling fan will be much simpler, not "2 OZ copper PCB board, Japanese solid capacitors"You can also work well. However, these parts of the quality of the same, may determine the performance of the merits of a fan or durable or not. Introduction of the computer chassis fan in addition to the main components, of course, there is another fan cool LED lights. LED lamp is an indispensable thing for a lot of DIY, from the early development of the Blu-ray to red, white, green, orange plus DIY UV light, just colorful.

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