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The Specifications and common nouns for cooling fans

The Specifications and common nouns for cooling fans,now let us check below:

Just now we are talking about the amount of wind, bearing technology, and so on, these are well understood. And many DIY friends go to the store to buy a cooling fan on the English label on the packaging also expressed great pressure next, we simply talk about the common nouns for cooling fans.

1. Air Flow - calculated units (CFM) (Cubic Feet per Minute cubic feet / minute): the larger the number, the stronger the wind on behalf.

2.Air Pressure - the unit of measure (mm-H2O) (physical gaseous units mm water column): The higher the number on behalf of the more fresh air pressure.

3. Bearing - including the oil seal (Sleeve) Single Bead (One Ball), lacoste type (Dual Ball) NFB (Nanoflux), a patented magnetic levitation (Twister) and MagLev vaporization Maglev (Vapo).

4. Fan Speed ​​ - Calculation of unit rotation (RPM) (Rotation Per Minute / min): RPM cooling fan vibration, wind noise and operational noise are closely related.

5. Connector - common large 4-pin small 3-pin and 4-pin smaller. Small 3-pin with the cooling fan circuit board IC assembly and motherboard socket or sold separately speed control panel with tachometer function, small 4-pin cooling fan circuit board IC assembly and motherboard socket with tachometer function, but also PWM speed control function.

6. Voltage - (V) unit of volts, the cooling fan of the standard voltage DC12V subject to factory specifications and needs of Mute reduced to 7V or 5V. Fan speed will slow down, bearing sound, wind noise, noise decreases, in exchange for the air volume and pressure will diminish.

7. Current - Calculation of unit (A) amperes, the higher the number of revolutions of usually A larger the number representing the fan page.

8. Watt - Calculation of unit (W) Watt, under normal circumstances, the number of fan blades turn higher the wattage the greater.

9. PWM - full name (Pulse Width Modulation), the majority is used in the CPU cooling fan (with a small 4-pin socket). Short is on the computer's motherboard temperature sensing components (Sensor IC) temperature data passed around the motherboard Signal Generator (signal conversion) electronic components and generates a pulse signal IC electronic circuit board with the cooling fan speed control components, according to the fan manufacturer default program program, through conversion (fine-tune the fan voltage) to control the cooling fan rPM to achieve low temperature and low rpm and high-temperature and high-rpm temperature effect.

PWM fan can be placed in ordinary 4-pin motherboard socket.

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