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How to determine the fan performance by curve ?

A. What is the fan characteristic curve? What clients system impedance?

1. The solid line FPC system fan characteristic curve; required by the wind tunnel measurements

2. SRC dashed line customer system impedance; also required by the wind tunnel measurements, it is generally due to customers' different Fan only showed off FPC.

3. FPC point is the junction with the SRC customers operating point OP; Qb and Pb are available to meet the needs of customers on the features; therefore the fan when customers choose to select only Qa and Pa is not the most appropriate; advise clients to provide system gives us for your free measure can more easily select the appropriate SRC fan and determine whether your system impedance design properly.

Air Fan curve

B. Suppose A, B two fans, how should choose a more suitable since the characteristic curve fan?

1. The answer is FANa is more applicable to the fan; since characteristic curves intersect at the point of operation on R1 than OPa operating point OPb characteristics of good, Qa> Qb (air volume), Pa> Pb (HIP).

2. This FANb Although the air volume and static pressure are more FANa high, but customers should be based on the best choice OPa; non only maximum air flow and maximum fan static pressure as a selection basis.

3. The system impedance design quality is also one of the priorities selected fan; figure R1 optimal system impedance design system, R2-based system impedance is high, R3 lower; should be designed to improve the system impedance of the inlet and outlet from the system sizing, emissions position adjustment system components, etc., and then through the tunnel to the testing and validation of the optimal adjustment system impedance.

4. Compare FANa with FANb we can know FANa of motor torque and blades, frame design features better than FANb.

air fan curve

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