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How to measure the relationship between air flow and air pressure?

How to measure the relationship between air flow and air pressure?

Sometimes, it's very difficult to measure the flow properties, but there are two ways to measure the air flow and air volume, one way is wind tunnel testing, another way for the dual cases testing.

Now here shows the air flow and static pressure characteristics specifications are measured using dual-box way, In this way we will explain what is the meant by dual cases testing(Figure 1 below).

dual case testing

Variable exhaust system extracted air to adjust the density of the air, and instantly open the nozzle will cause the static pressure and air volume of instantaneous change, and then read each hydrostatic pressure on the meter readings.


Maximum air volume is measured adjust the variable exhaust system of the B box under the condition of zero static pressure measured by the air flow. At this point, A, B box is static pressure difference between the operation and the fan spray, Measured when the mouth open.

Maximum static pressure is measured A box fan is in operation in the mouth of the nozzle is closed to measured. This situation is caused by closed box, so the static pressure reaches the maximum value. A box of hydrostatic,Value is the maximum static pressure and the pressure of the pressure.

When the fan is running at rated voltage stability, the actual measured values ​​can be recorded.

Airflow Conversion Table

Airflow Conversion Table

Static pressure conversion table

Airflow Conversion Table

This article shows the characteristic curve is at standard atmospheric and fixed operating voltage and frequency conditions, the static pressure as a function of the volume of air flow performance. Cooling fan static efficiency is equal to the volume of air flow divided by the input multiplied by static electricity. The fan is including motor, fan blades and frame, so the efficiency of the motor including motor efficiency and fan air flow efficiency and outline.

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