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Hydrostatic unit and Air volume units for cooling fans

Hydrostatic unit and Air volume units for cooling fans

We often we see the Parameter on every cooling fans,and we will see the air volume unit,but we can not read and know clearly,now let's show the air volume unit for the cooling fans

1. The Hydrostatic units for cooling fan

mmAq also nemed mmH2O;1mmAq=1Kg/m^2
atm:Atmospheric pressure; atmospheric pressure is equal to the dry state at 0 ℃ 760mmHg pressure.
Because mercury 13.5947 times the weight of water,
So an atmospheric pressure and the pressure is equal 10332mmH2O

2. Air volume units for cooling fans

CFS:Cubic Feet Per Second,(ft3/s)
CFM:Cubic Feet Per Minute,(ft3/min)
CMS:Cubic Meter Per Second,(m3/s)
CMM:Cubic Meter Per Minute,(m3/min)
CMH:Cubic Meter Peter Hour,(m3/h)
L/min:Liter Per Second,(L/min)

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